Our Mission

The mission of the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is to be the most influential voice for business in Wisconsin. This is achieved through advocacy, education, and support for its members. The Chamber aims to create a competitive business environment by informing, educating, and connecting businesses to valuable resources and opportunities. It focuses on three key pillars:

  1. Protect: Advocating for a sustainable business development environment with accessible free market economy and progressive public policies that protect businesses from over-regulation.
  2. Connect: Serving as a central hub in Wisconsin’s business ecosystem, facilitating access to resources, networking opportunities, and professional development.
  3. Inform: Providing businesses with crucial information about industry trends, market opportunities, and issues affecting their operations through various publications, newsletters, and events.

By leveraging its extensive communication network, the Chamber ensures that the interests of businesses across Wisconsin are represented and supported​

Our Vision

The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce envisions a thriving, innovative economy where businesses flourish in a supportive environment. By advocating for progressive policies and reducing regulatory burdens, the Chamber fosters sustainable growth and resilience, driving job creation statewide.

This vision encompasses a collaborative business ecosystem, uniting businesses, government, education, and community organizations. Through networking, educational programs, and resource-sharing, businesses gain essential tools for success and innovation.

Ultimately, the Chamber aims to make Wisconsin’s business community the most competitive in America, attracting top talent and positioning the state as a premier business destination. Leveraging Wisconsin’s unique strengths, the Chamber aspires to lead both nationally and globally, ensuring prosperity and shared success for all.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to support Wisconsin’s business community. 


Damon is the Founder of the Wiscoinsin Chamber of Commerce.  Damon has significant experience in business, real estate development, economc development and entrepreneurship.


Maya is the owner of The Hammouri Group and a Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce “40 under 40 Impact Leaders.”   Maya has experience in busiuness development, real estate and marketing.


Michael is the owner of Rivera and Associates, a full service marketing firm located in Milwaukee.


George Christenson the Milwaukee County Clerk.   A lifelong resident of Milwaukee County, George has significant experience in business development, economic development and government relations.


Steve is a leading business development guru in Wisconsin.   He owns and manages a leading business accelerator in Milwaukee and has significant experience in entrepreneurship and business investment.


Branden is the owner of AYR Immerse, LLC.  Branden is a passionate story-driven change agent, leveraging two decades experience in visual technologies and First Nations enterprises. Committed to expanding leveraging of media, gaming, AR/VR and AI. Can I give you more paint?


Fred is a retired attorney and served a Public Defender and an alderman in Milwaukee County.   Fred is highly knowledgeable on public policy and government relations.


Austin is a mechanical engineer, certified 6 Sigma.   Austin has significant experience in corporate product development and compliance.   

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