Our Advocacy Programs

Empowering Your Business Through Advocacy

The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce offers comprehensive advocacy programs designed to support and advance the interests of businesses across the state. Our initiatives focus on legislative advocacy, regulatory assistance, and fostering a pro-business climate. By representing the collective voice of Wisconsin’s business community, we strive to create opportunities for growth, innovation, and economic success.

Legislative Advocacy

We work tirelessly to influence legislation that impacts Wisconsin businesses, ensuring a favorable business environment.

Regulatory Assistance

Our team provides guidance on navigating complex regulations, helping your business stay compliant and competitive.

legislative priorities

We establish legislative policies based on input from our members and our policy committees, and the overall polical environment.

Key Benefits of Our Advocacy Programs

Influential Advocacy on Policy Issues

The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce actively represents its members’ interests at the local, state, and federal levels, advocating for policies that foster a favorable business environment. By engaging with policymakers and legislators, the Chamber ensures that the voices of businesses are heard and considered in the legislative process, promoting pro-business regulations and opposing burdensome over-regulation. This helps create a more competitive and sustainable business climate in Wisconsin

Extensive Networking and Resource Access:

Through its advocacy program, the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce provides members with access to a vast network of business connections and valuable resources. This includes participation in events, mixers, and business forums designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Members also receive timely information on legislative updates and business trends, enabling them to stay informed and adapt to changes that may impact their operations. This comprehensive support helps businesses thrive and grow by leveraging the collective strength and insights of the statewide business community

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