The Wisconsin Chamber supports policies that promote entrepreneurship and business success in the global economy of the 21st century. We work directly with our members to identify the issues, challenges and opportunities faced by Wisconsin’s businesses and then work to develop and promote policies that strengthen the capacity of businesses to succeed and wisconsin’s economy to grow. The Chamber’s legislative priorities reflect its commitment to delivering powerful advocacy and being the leading voice for business at the State Capitol.


Wisconsin’s prosperity, global competitiveness and quality of life depends on having a modern, highly efficient infrastructure. Wisconsin needs a comprehensive strategy and significant investment to improve and transform our roads, bridges, transit, rail, water, energy and telecom infrastructure to be the most competitive in the world.


To support business development and the economic development of wisconsin, We must have a highly responsive and fair legal climate. Wisconsin must protect the regulations and laws that we have on the books and work to preserve and protect the integrity and credibility of our civil justice system.


Wisconsin’s competitiveness is threatened by rising healthcare costs.  Wisconsin should expand Medicaid and work to implement market-friendly, consumer-driven reforms that will enable businesses and individuals to purchase affordable coverage in the health insurance marketplace.


Wisconsin has an abundance of unique and diverse natural resources that provides a unique attraction for residents, visitors and investors.  We must strike a balance between protecting the environment and maintaining regulations that do not place undo burden on business development and investment.  We must focus on the meaningful involvement of all citizens with respect to the implementation of environmental laws while also supporting economic growth and job creation to keep Wisconsin competitive.


Wisconsin, to be the most competitive region in the United States must leverage its energy infrastructure to attract and retain industry.  Energy costs will always be a primary driver for business decisions, which is why we must ensure we have access to competitively priced energy resources and a sustainable energy system to preserve our future.  


Wisconsin’s business community contributes substantially to support the quality of life of Wisconsin’s residents and preserving the competitiveness of the Wisconsin economy.   Over the past two decades, Wisconsin’s has also made significant improvements to its business tax environment and must continue to do so to stay economically competitive for jobs and investment. 


Wisconsin’s employment laws must strike an optimal balance between providing businesses with the flexibility to operate their businesses to attract and retain talented employees and maintaining laws that protect the rights of workers.   For Wisconsin to be a leader in job creation, workforce development and economic resiliency, we must be able to leverage the productivity and quality of our workforce to attract investment and new businesses.  


Wisconsin is in competition for the best talent in the world.  Yet, many businesses are struggling to find skilled talent for jobs in critical industries.   Wisconsin must win the race for talent if our State is to remain the most competitive in America.  We must ensure that we are investing in K-12 education, technical colleges and universities to grow the workforce we need to keep in the global economy of the 21st century.

Our Advocacy Programs

Championing Wisconsin Businesses

The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce offers comprehensive advocacy programs designed to support and advance the interests of businesses across the state. Our initiatives focus on legislative advocacy, regulatory assistance, and fostering a pro-business climate. By representing the collective voice of Wisconsin’s business community, we strive to create opportunities for growth, innovation, and economic success.