The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice for business in Wisconsin.   Being a member of the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce not only gives your business a voice but also connects you to a community of over 10,000 other businesses.  So, become a member, get connected and take your business to the next level.


We push for a sustainable business development environment characterized by a free market economy that is accessible to all and progressive public policies that protect Wisconsin businesses from burdensome over-regulation. No other business advocacy organization works harder or is more effective at promoting and protecting the rights of businesses in Wisconsin.


We are a critical hub of Wisconsin’s business ecosystem, connecting our members to the resources and opportunities they need to grow.  Our members have access to a statewide business network, policymakers and subject matter experts, webinars, network ing events, and professional development opportunities.  Get informed, get solutions and get connected to Wisconsin’s largest business network.


We provide our members with the information they need to grow their business in a highly dynamic global economy.   Whether trends in critical and emerging industry sectors, new market opportunities, or critical issues affecting your business, we keep you informed with our publications, newsletters, special studies, webinars and networking events.   Our members are the most informed businesses in Wisconsin.

Why join Wisconsin’s Most Influential Business Organization?

The Chamber represents businesses from established and emerging industry sectors in Wisconsin. Our members employ thousands of people and generate more than $10 billion in annual revenue each year.